long-term vision
to make our neighborhoods more resilient
— more fun, skillful, creative, and just —
philosophy (born from the Transition Towns movement)
In response to on-going environmental, financial, political, and other foolishness, we are moved to agree to these assumptions:
> our community presently lacks the readiness, skills, and resources to handle the coming shocks likely from energy, weather, and social disruptions
> lower energy use is inevitable
> we have to act together and NOW
to build community resilience
> it is better to plan and be ready than to be taken by surprise                            > that a local, resilient, fair, sharing, smart, fun future — if we work together creatively — will be better than the past
two ways we are working to creating greater community resilience:
1) Taking on the sponsorship of the Vista Certified Farmers Market.  This is the longest-running farmers market in the county.  It focuses on real farmers, actual food makers, and makers who sell what they make.  More information at
2) Beginning to organize Community Soup, a dinner where local projects are funded by local money, voted on by local people.  More information on this page of this website . . . see the Community Soup pages on this website.  Eight people have come together to create Community Soup.  Our first FOUNDERS meeting is coming up in November 2017.  If you would like to be a part of it, let us know.